Sunday, 26 September 2010

Yellow jersey handover

Steve handing the Jersey to Archie for 2010.  A deserving winner, and with the initials AA a bit of a shoe-in...

Making up for lost time

No surf on Friday, but got an extra session in this morning.

Newquay knows best

Friday, 24 September 2010

The Red Lion

The Vision <> playing tonight.

Shandy Steve

It has been acknowledged for some time that amongst men there are some men who just stand out, real men. Men who go the extra mile, men who always get to the end ; and some.  A cut above the rest , a true athlete .
In full on stamina events such as the Iron man, the Paris-Dakar, the Tour de France and the Woodbridge Surfers weekend, there can only be  one winner, only one can sustain the relentless pace and toil, one real man.
Such an accolade has been discussed frequently and openly. Finally in 2009 there was only one man who went the whole way, one man who stood tall when others fell, one man who completed the whole weekend and was there at the final count, on the top step, the peoples hero , the King of Newquay09.
He knew who he has and he bathed in the glory, the ensuing respect of the mortals around him and as it was decided what prize was fit for such a king, he silently dreamt of the reward for his pain and endurance, was it deserving of the known  highest prize, the Yellow Jersey .
Whilst exalting in his kudos of the  imminent coloured garment, lurking in the back of his mind, there was fear, would anyone discover his dark secret. Finally as he wrestled with his conscience, he let it slip. His Achilles’ heel, his downfall, he fell from Hero to Zero, possible film rights to last rights. The worst was true, he had slipped off the rails, he had tasted the sweet nectar of lemonade and then added it to his beer. 
The pink Jersey was born.
2009 winner and current holder,     Steve Whitaker.
Could not leave it as a pink award, otherwise in 2010 you would all in bed by 9.
So Ladies and Gentleman , by default the 2009 Yellow jersey is awarded to Steve W.

No surfing

Amazing waves


This is why I could never run a bar in Newquay.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Monday, 20 September 2010


Not sure whether the surf report site in the 'Linky Things' measures waves via the Hawaiian scale , but with 3 days to go it's looking like we're going to have something to surf on at least.

Friday, 3 September 2010


Last year was good.  Only a short time to this year, looking forward to it a lot.

Click in the box with the fish, it'll feed them & hopefully keep Simon 'Weaver Fish' Hale safe.